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Here you will find information in English on where acupuncture may help you. I will introduce you to my treatment philosophy, acupuncture and alternative therapies and give you an impression of my work.

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Masom Gharabaghi, MD

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Practice and philosophy

“Do not treat the symptoms but the cause of the disease”

Already in ancient China the doctors of the emperors tried to follow this philosophy. And that is exactly what I try today when a patient comes to my office. To achieve this I listen to the patient. The art of understanding what the complaints and aches of the patients actually mean, leads to the diagnosis in Chinese medicine. To get a diagnosis, I use a diagnostic means called EAV after Dr. Voll; I also inspect the tongue and ask for a patient history where needed. At the same time my training as a medical doctor and surgeon allows me to use the diagnostic tools of western medicine like ultrasound, blood tests, MRI, etc. where appropriate. After having found the diagnosis, i.e. the cause of the disease, a treatment plan is made.

In the center of my work is acupuncture. In addition patients may be prescribed herbal infusions and/or homeopathic medicine. A very important part is to inform my patients about diet and what kind of food is good and what could harm them, according to the idea of the 5 elements. For certain diseases I enrich the patients blood with ozone (“Ozone-therapy”); I also use so called “cell-injections”.


Acupuncture dates back more than 2000 years and its origins lie in china. The name already unveils the underlying principle: needle and point, the translation of the latin word acupuncture. Over centuries the Chinese have found more than 800 acupuncture points – special points on the surface of the skin. These points are found along the so called “meridians”, which are invisible channels on the surface of our skin with connections to the inner organs. The meridians form a circle so that their beginning and end meet again.

According to traditional Chinese medicine it is in this circle where our Chi flows. Chi stands for the energy of life. Imagine a blockade or interference with the flow of Chi and you have the Chinese concept of disease. The meridians have names according to the organs they have a close relation with, like meridian of the kidney, liver or stomach. All the meridians are in their quality either more Yang or Yin and each meridian has a partner who is always the opposite, e.g. a Yang meridian is coupled with a Yin meridian. It is the harmony of Yin and Yang that is the prerequisite for health. Simply spoken Yin and Yang are two opposites that cannot exist separately. Imagine for Yang the male element, the sun, fire, heaven etc.. Yin stands for female, the moon, water, the earth and so on.

There should be harmony and balance between those opposites. If not we have a disturbance of – if we talk about the human body – our health. The flow of Chi is impaired. Now as we insert a needle in the acupuncture point we can influence the disturbance of the energy flow and gradually bring back the state of harmony that is health.

What may be treated?

This list does not contain all the diseases/problems where acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine may help. If you do not find your problem listed here please contact my practice for further information.

The earlobe is punctured in an acupuncture point that supports eyesight


In general it is recommended to have acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to maintain health, thus preventing disease.

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